Filtron Envirotech (India) is the single largest manufacturer, suppliers And Exporter Specialty for Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals based out of India for the Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration and Mining Industry in Nepal. We are the preferred supplier for most Drilling contractors and Service Companies Wide for all over cities worldwide & also in Nepal.

Filtron Envirotech (India)'s (FEI,s) product and Services covers a range of drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Work over and Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation Chemicals and General Utility Chemicals. We Also deals in all type of testing equipment for mud, water and oil based drilling, and providing the services for Industrial, Physical And Mechanical Testing And Environmental Testing And Monitoring, and also serves Drilling Chemicals And Drilling Fluids, Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Metals And Alloys And Metallic Coatings etc in Nepal.